Our accounts are on mobile US proxies, different operators and from different regions, and we advise you to use US IP when working with our accounts, preferably mobile. Ideally, use 1 IP per account. A working, but not ideal option would be to use an account on the IP of another country, many work like this, but it is still better to plant an account on the IP of the geo in which he was farming.


Anti-detect settings need to be given special attention, in many respects all kinds of checks depend on this. And when you register and farm accounts from scratch, this is especially noticeable, so we will tell you about some of the nuances.

  1. If you work with Windows, then in no case should you install Mac OS in the anti-detect settings, no anti-detect will completely replace your hardware and will not do it from Windows, poppy.

2. User – Agent. Again, if you have a Mac, then you should not install User – Agent with Windows, even if you are given it with an account, it is better to leave it by default.

3. Languages. It is desirable to display them as they are displayed on your PC. When registering, it is very noticeable how this affects.

4. Fonts. On Windows, they need to be replaced; on Mac, this is not necessary.


  1. Contact us for more information and we will share with you!

All these actions will have a positive effect.

We have analyzed the key points that will help you work with antidetects and accounts correctly and, with a further competent approach, squeeze the maximum out of them!